McNeese State University watches President Barack Obama's Inauguration

By Charlie Bartlett - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - McNeese State University also witnessed history and students are ready for a change.  It was a normal day of classes for students at McNeese State University but for some, it was special.

"It's truly exciting to a lot of the students. Most of all we want everyone to know, McNeese is behind Barack Obama one-hundred percent," said Darnell Pledger.

"I was looking forward to this day all of last year. I am really proud of my country right now just that we are all meeting together," said Kevin Gode.

Throughout the day, students had a chance to watch the inauguration and take a break from class. As the nation's 44th and first African American president, Obama's transition into the presidency shows a true representation of equal rights.

"Today is a historic day as African Americans and not only for African Americans, but as Americans in general," said Pledger.

"It really proves that we are growing everyday. Hopefully, we will get to that spot where everyone is equal," said Gode.

Dreams were made in our nation's capital but our country still struggles.

"One thing I see that he can truly change for America is our health care. He wants a universal healthcare for everyone and I think that's a wonderful concept," said Pledger.

"I am hoping he will help our economy to come back up to par where it was," said Ashley Nash.

Students and faculty witnessed history as Barack Obama was sworn in as our nation's president.  Students say he will make a positive change for our country.

"I think he can go nowhere but up and if he does have problems, I hope we as a country we can support him as much as we can."

Barack Obama, our new president uniting our country as one.