7Teen Report: The Inauguration

KPLC Teen Reporter Holly Carter:

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Some area teenagers are among the thousands of people who are in Washington D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration.

Holly Carter with Lake Charles-Boston Academy TV talked to some teens, who are not only witnessing this historical day, they are looking ahead to the future.

Barbe sophomores Karen Joseph and Jaypreet Chadah are excited to see history in the making. They will both be in Washington during the Presidential Inauguration. Both teens have set high expectations for Barack Obama.

Karen Joseph says, "I really want for the war in Iraq to be over. I know he's for that."

Jaypreet Chadah says, "he's promised four million new jobs, and so I'm hoping that he will live up to that."

Along with expectations, Joseph and Chadah also have important concerns.

Joseph says, "I am concerned that he is so new and isn't as experienced as other presidents have been."

Chadah says, "his foreign policy, I don't agree with it."

President Obama is expected to make big changes, and the affects of these changes, during troubled times, will be felt by the entire nation, including teenagers.

Joseph says, "the ability to get scholarships and healthcare and things will affect me, if not now, but later."

Teen Reporter Holly Carter says, "with our economy in a bind and our nation at war, teenagers everywhere are expressing their concerns and local teens have set their expectations high for our new President Barack Obama.

If you are a high school or college student and you have some suggestions on how the president can improve education, you can have your say. Click this link to give President Obama some advice on education.