Hiding in attic

Trent Higginbotham had out-standing warrants for contempt of court, and possession of stolen property. While traveling through Moss Bluff, detective David Burnett recognized the wanted man and attempted to pull him over.

"The detective called for back up to come and assist him to stop the vehicle," says Sheriff, Tony Mancuso.

But before back up ever arrived Higginbotham ditched his vehicle and took off on foot. But, Burnett says the suspect put up a fight and got away.

After his altercation with the police he found his way up in an attic. He waited there for around forty-five minutes, in a place he thought was the perfect hiding spot. Little did he know, the house belongs to detective Eddie Curol and his wife, also employed by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.

"I'm surprised he did not fall through the ceiling as he walked around up there," says Curol.

After they discovered Higginbotham, he was reluctant to come down.

"They used several means to get the suspect to comply and come down out of the attic. Eventually, they had to send a K-9, up in the attic, and get the suspect down," says Sheriff, Tony Mancuso.

He had to go to the hospital to be treated for his bite wounds, but upon release Higginbotham's headed to jail, on a long list of charges.