Pegues Trial: Day Four

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Day four of the testimony in the Daniel Pegues trial saw two of Pegues alleged co-perpetrators, Tromale Guy and Elmer Franklin, on the witness stand.  The focus of the testimony was what happened in the hours leading up to the shooting death of Deputy Allen Inzer.

Guy, who's currently jailed in Beauregard Parish on a pending charge, testified he saw Pegues, who's also known as Bone, with a gun earlier that day. Guy claimed Pegues showed them the gun while the two of them, along with two other men, were smoking PCP.  He said, "When bone got out he had a pistol in his hand, a revolver, and he was showing it to Kenny".

Guy then testified later that night he, Pegues, and Elmer Franklin attempted to rob a clothing store on Ryan Street.  When the men heard an engine and saw car lights they all ran.  While running, Guy said he heard three gunshots causing him to run faster.  Later that night, Guy testified he received a call from Franklin, saying, "Bone shot that man.  I think he was a cop.  I put that on my mama".

After Tromale Guy was released, Elmer Franklin then took the witness stand and gave a similar testimony.  He said after he started running, "I heard boom and then that's when I looked back and saw Mr. Pegues standing up and the man fell".  During cross examination, Defense Attorney Mike McHale questioned Franklin about the statement he first gave to police regarding the murder of Inzer. Franklin admitted lying to officers then, but says the testimony he was giving in court was the truth.