Beauregard Parish Schools rank first in graduation rates

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) -  For the second year in a row, Beauregard Parish is the highest ranked school district in the state of Louisiana for Cohort Gradation Rates, according to the State Department of Education (DOE).
     "Beauregard Parish has the highest graduation rate in the state for the second year
running," said Superintendent Rita Mann. "We are  elated to receive this wonderful news."
     Beauregard Parish ranks number one in the state with an 87.3 percent graduation rate. The
state average is 65.9 percent.
     Allen Parish with 84.5 percent, Jackson Parish with 83.4 percent, Zachary Community
with 82.8 percent, and Livingston Parish with 81.3 percent round out the top five systems in the
     Louisiana uses a Cohort Completion Rate analysis which is based on the number of
students who enter the ninth grade and graduate four years later. It is one of several calculations that states are required to report as part of the federal No Child Left Behind act.
     For the current standings, information was compiled over a four year period beginning in
the 2003-2004 school year and ending in the spring of 2007. Students who entered high school as first-time freshmen were tracked through the time of graduation. A graduate was defined as a student who received a high school diploma.
     "This is the most comprehensive and accurate method of calculating information about
graduation rates," said Mann. "It tracks students across a four-year time span and gives a
complete picture of the number of students who are graduating."
     In recent years, the State Department of Education has placed a greater emphasis on high
school graduation with the High School Redesign program. This program has set goals of
reducing drop-out rates, increasing graduation rates, increasing post-secondary education and
career readiness, and increasing participation in dual-enrollment and Advanced Placement
     Beauregard Parish participates in the Louisiana Virtual School, Advanced Placement
Courses, Credit Recovery, and Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives as part of the High School
Redesign program. With more rigorous academic requirements for graduation and the goals for
improvement, Beauregard Parish will continue to focus resources toward its mission: to provide
an environment that empowers students to achieve their potential to learn the skills, acquire the knowledge, and develop the attitudes for meeting the challenges of a global society.
     Graduation is the ultimate goal of every student in the school system. It is also an
important part of the Louisiana accountability program in determining school and district
performance scores.
     The Louisiana DOE has set a goal of raising Louisiana's graduation rate to 80 percent by
the year 2016. Beauregard Parish schools are already exceeding the state goal with every high
school's graduation rate above 80 percent. Three high schools in the parish have rates higher than 90 percent.
     "Graduation is the culmination of thirteen years in the education system, and it is the
defining accomplishment for our students," said Mann. "Having the highest graduation rate in the state is the result of tremendous dedication on the part of teachers, parents, administrators and students."
     The goal of the Beauregard Parish school system is to educate with excellence with the
intent of graduating students who are prepared to meet the challenges of the future, said Mann.
     "We are deeply gratified that efforts to provide excellence in education, to decrease drop-
out rates, and to help students reach the highest achievement of secondary education have
resulted in this honor," concluded Mann. "We will continue to work diligently and implement
programs designed to help students attain their high school diploma."