Oak Park Elementary students are going to the Inauguration

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Witnessing Barak Obama's Inauguration , will be the experience of a lifetime, for Oak Park Elementary school students.

Student Taylor Joseph exclaimed, "I'm very excited, me and my mom are going to see him at the Inauguration."

Cameron Levan said, "I want to meet him, I want to see him in person, try to give him a high five, or shake his hand."

This school trip costs a staggering $48,000, but through fundraising and community support, these students and their parents will be able to watch history unfold next Tuesday.

Principal Melinda Hardy stated, "Taking such a trip of this nature is something these children will share for decades on, the swearing in is something a text book can't teach."

Cameron Levan's mother Veronica, is also an Oak Park teacher. "With Cameron being my only son, I want him to experience what the world has, not only what Lake Charles has to offer him being a young African American."

"My mom, my grandfather, my whole family, have always wanted to picture this moment with our first African American president," said Cameron.

Oak Park Elementary began fundraising over the summer, and even though two hurricanes got in the way, somehow they still managed to raise the money.

"If someone would have told us that we would raise 48,000 dollars in less than a year, I would have thought, that's not possible, there's no way," said Hardy. "Through determination, the collaborate efforts of the parents and the staff,and the community working together, we were determined, they were determined, the children were determined to get the money in order to go to the Inauguration."

These students are more than grateful to take part in this historic Inauguration, and they have one message for the community.

"Thank you Lake Charles!"