COPY-First murder in Lake Charles for 2009

By Evan Johnson - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A gruesome discovery has some Chateau Du Lac residents fearing for their safety.

Resident David Hanks says, "This is an unsafe building.  There have been several that have died here, several people were killed here, and this is not the last one."

A homicide happened Monday Morning.  Lake Charles Police say around 8 o'clock, they discovered the body at a building most commonly referred to as the High Rise.  Police arrested 33-year-old Deon Granger and charged him with 2nd degree murder.  Although the Chateau's management wouldn't comment on camera about the incident, they did confirm Granger was a resident and the victim, whose identity has not been released, was his guest.

This isn't the first time violence struck at the High Rise.  In November of 2004 a Chateau Du Lac resident who had a history of mental illness was shot and killed by three Lake Charles Police Officers after he allegedly charged them with a knife.

Resident Robert Lasha says, "He had gotten off of his medicine and caused a lot of trouble."

But despite these instances of violence, some High Rise residents remain optimistic and feel safe at the complex, while others don't.

Resident Betty Ford says, "People are real nice here and they have security."

Resident Janice Hadnot disagrees saying, "Yes they have security, but some of them don't do their job.  You report the in and out, but they don't do anything about it."

A random crime that's left one person dead and several others concerned.