Tobi Quick Fabric Steamer

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Tired of the fiasco involved with getting wrinkles out of your clothing with that ancient and difficult to use iron and board?  KPLC is At Your Service trying to find out if the Tobi Quick Steamer really delivers on its promise to be the quickest way to look good.  I prepared two identical shirts by rolling them into a ball for a few days to get some hard core wrinkles going.  First up, I tried the old fashioned iron and board method.  I consider myself an intermediate level operator of the iron and quickly went to town on my first shirt.  I was able to get the job done, virtually wrinkle free in just about five minutes.

Next we moved on to the Tobi.  The steamer must be filled when cold with no more than three ounces of water.  This measurement is made simple since you get a measuring cup with a three ounce marker labeled "max".  After filling through the top port, I plugged in the steamer and I was ready to steam away in seconds!  I began on the front of the shirt, removing most of the wrinkles.  As I started to move along, the steamer was spitting water onto the shirt.  Then I had trouble holding tension on the shirt while steaming, this proved problematic.  I even pulled the shirt off the hanger at one point.  The sleeves were very difficult to get out many wrinkles.  After fumbling for a while on the hanger, I tried the steamer on the ironing board.  The steamer created more wrinkles and more wet spots.  After an eternity of struggle and a damp wrinkled shirt, I called it quits.  This is what I found:

"Well I just got done with the Tobi steamer and it took me about six minutes to get the shirt in this condition (see the image on the right with the shirt labeled Tobi).  I am certainly not impressed.  It didn't get it as wrinkle free as the iron did in about five minutes, so it took about a minute longer to use this and it didn't get the job done."

Judging by the look of both shirts together, I considered making amends with my trusty iron and board.  The Tobi Quick Steamer leaves a wrinkle in time saving and gets a NO for this week's does it work test.  We picked up the Tobi Quick at a local Lake Charles business for under $15.

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