Ped Egg

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - We spend a lot of time on our feet throughout the day, but how often do we get the chance to take proper care of them, especially to clean up those rough spots?  KPLC is At Your Service looking to find out if the Ped Egg will file down on the time it takes to clean up the calloused skin on your feet.  The Ped Egg claims to be the mess free, pain free, ultimate foot file.  We took this foot filing egg to Polished Nails II in Lake Charles in order to grind out an answer to our question, Does it Work?  KPLC's very own Amanda Ward stepped up to the challenge to allow us to use the Ped Egg on her feet!  Well actually she sat down to the challenge to get herself a pedicure.  Regardless, professional cosmetologist Tina began on Amanda's right foot with some traditional spa pampering.  Tina used a pumice stone to work off the rough skin.

Amanda gave her initial reaction to the pumice stone.  "Actually, there's still a little dead skin in some places just on my toe and stuff.  That's where you'd normally us that razor, but we'll try the Ped Egg out."

Now we test the Ped Egg's performance.  Tina was off and running with the Egg, showing how easy it was to use.  Amanda was impressed.

"Before when they used to use those little cucumber peeler looking things it always tickled but this is actually, I'm completely comfortable.  She's going to town actually and I don't feel any pain and you can see skin coming off," said Amanda.

Amanda gave it a try as well on her left foot after drying off as suggested.  She found it easy to use as well.  As for the shavings, well they all seemed to collect in the Ped Egg effortlessly and mess free, living up to the promise.

"I definitely think the product worked, it was easy to use it didn't hurt and we definitely saw results.  So I would say yes it works," Amanda said.

Amanda and Tina weren't the only ones impressed.  Another Polished Nails II customer has one of her own.

Janice Pilate of Lake Charles said, "I like it, it does the job in between pedicures and my husband likes it.  He'll use it where he won't go to the nail shop."

They all agreed nothing beats a full pedicure with the spa experience, but the Ped Egg delivers on its promises and shaves through to a YES.  We picked up the Ped Egg for $9.99 at a local Lake Charles business.

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