Vidalia Chop Wizard

By Jeff Jumper - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - We're always looking to get things done faster and the kitchen is no exception.  When it comes to dicing, the Vidalia chop wizard promises to chop down dicing time for fruits and veggies with a single downward motion.  We took the wizard to the Majestic Eatery in Lake Charles where owner Darren Doherty aided us in answering "Does it Work?"  We opened the package and emptied the contents to find the pusher lid, two blades, the measuring base, and a cleaning tool.  So what are Chef Darren's first impressions?

"I think on some products it may do well, but some of the tougher onions like the red onions, it's going to have a tougher time with that," Darren stated.  "The insert sits down in the holder and we're going to put it on the chopping area and this is the press, it just slides on...use the fulcrum and we just press down."

Quickly we were off and running.  We began with the tomatoes, perfect.  The cucumber was next, which proved to be another easy slice.  On to something harder now, the apple, and it sliced right through like butter.  Finally we moved to the big promise on the front of the box, the hard red onion.  It cut through majestically!

Daren shares his feelings with us.  "Long term in a restaurant setting wouldn't work, these would dull pretty quickly.  At home depending on the price, this might be a seasonal item that you can use.  After it would dull it would be would be a disposable item then.  But I think investing in a good sharp knife is a long term investment and you learn to use it safely you'd be better off."  Darren answers the question by adding, "It does work...that's right it does work."

The Vidalia Chop Wizard slices through to a YES.  We picked up the Vidalia Chop Wizard at a Lake Charles store for $19.99.

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