Finding the Balance Between Work and Home

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Today, nearly fifty percent of families have two wage earners.  Managing those work and family roles can be a huge source of stress and eventually take a toll on your health. In this Healthcast, a life coach shares some tips on having a healthy balance.

People in the workforce wear many hats each day and their oftentimes stretched roles between the office and home can lead to a heavy dose of stress if it's not kept in check.  Certified Life Coach Scott Riviere with Success Coaching says, "Whenever a person puts too much into one area of their life, it just naturally has an effect on the other," says Riviere, "if you say 'yes' to being at work, you actually have to say 'no' to several other different things."

Riviere says the start of a new year can be a great time for people to ask themselves the tough questions about their priorities.  "Am I being the kind of dad I want to be," says Riviere, "am I being the kind of parent I want to be and is my career going in the direction that I want it to go?"  Riviere says it's one of those opportunities that we can take to actually step back and evaluate "am I going in the direction that I want to go."

When your work-life balance is out of control, your health can take a major hit. Stress, sleeplessness and mental meltdowns can drain away any desire you have to keep pushing on each day. But Riviere says our body gives us signs when it's time to re-evaluate our daily decisions.  "Being attentive to your emotions and being very attentive to your physical signs," says Riviere, "saying 'I've really been having a hard time sleeping, I've kind of lost my energy or lost my excitement when I wake up in the morning.'"

If you are experiencing these problems, Riviere says cutting out the daily items causing stress is actually quite simple.  "Just deciding in this moment, what has the most value," says Riviere, "what's going to be most satisfying?"

Riviere says to not neglect your most valuable asset: yourself. Take time for you when you need some well deserved rest and relaxation or hit the gym when you need to blow off some steam.

*If you need a little extra help making the balance between work and home, a life coach could be the link you need. You can contact Scott Riviere at Success Coaching in Lake Charles at 497-1002.