Make 2009 a Look Good, Feel Great Year

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The most popular New Year's resolution is to get fit - but more than half of those making the "trim down" commitment will throw in the towel within the first six months. In this Healthcast, we give you some tips on sticking to your healthy resolution and making 2009 a look good, feel great year.

With a new year, comes a new set of resolutions for many goal setters and there's one that rings familiar for many: "To really try to get in shape and stay in shape," says Sulphur resident Bobby Leger.

Leger's New Year's resolution to shape up is a common theme when a new year rolls in and as Dynamic Dimensions fitness specialist Chase Gary has seen first hand, there is an influx of people making their way to the gym in January. Gary says, "It's a big thing for people because they want to get healthy and the beginning of the year is a chance to have a new beginning."

This new beginning is typically not something that lasts for long, though.  Within a few short months, routines lag behind and motivation has been drained.  Gary says in order to stick to your healthy resolution, you have to carve out the time to make it a habit.  "Everyone tries to find time to work out and that's not going to happen," says Gary, "you need to make the time to work out."

And understand that there's no "one way" to get fit - find what works best for you.  "Some people love the classes," says Gary, "some people are in here five times a week, just doing classes. Some people do personal training because that's the one-on-one input they need - it's also another level of accountability."

For Leger, the accountability at the gym is what has made his daily workout become a top priority.  "When I'm not here," says Leger, "I know I'm missed and they let me know that when I come back."

*When making exercise part of a lifestyle, it's easier to ensure fitness success with a little help along the way. You can seek guidance from a trainer to form fit a plan to your needs.  Also, get your friends and family involved to keep you motivated - all on the way to a healthier 2009.