Terms to Know

Tropical Disturbance-An unorganized area of thunderstorms in the Tropics that maintains itself for 24 hours. It is the first step in hurricane development.

Tropical Depression-A mass of thunderstorms with a weak cyclonic circulation in the Tropics with winds less than 39 mph.

Hurricane-A large, violent storm with a pronounced rotary circulation of thunderstorms and sometimes a visible eye. Winds greater than 74 mph with storm surges of several feet.

Storm Surge-A rapid rise in ocean height above storm waves as a hurricane comes ashore. More people are killed by this element than wind in a hurricane.

Tropical Storm Watch-An alert status that tropical storm conditions may threaten an area within 48 hours.

Tropical Storm Warning-A heightened alert status that tropical storm conditions are imminent within an area in less than 36 hours. Sustained winds of 55 to 73 mph can be expected.

Gale Warning-Marine warning of winds 39 mph or greater.

Hurricane Watch-Hurricane conditions are expected within 36-48 hours. Viewers should continuously monitor KPLC for the latest bulletins, warnings and instructions.

Hurricane Warning-An alert status in which hurricane conditions are forecasted to strike an area within 36 hours. Winds of greater than 73 mph and life threatening tidal flooding usually occur with hurricanes.

Tornado-A small-scale, violently rotation column of air extending from a severe thunderstorm (such as in a hurricane) with winds up to 318in excess of 200mph.