Don't be another victim in Jeff Davis Parish

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Tragically Jeff Davis Parish is being labeled a dumping ground.

In three years, seven young murdered women have been found scattered across the parish. Evidence surrounding the latest victim, Britney Gary, is leading officers closer to catching the killer.

Authorities are slowly piecing together what they know.

"Having that timeline makes a difference. None of the other girls were ever reported missing. Maybe, one of them, Krisitn (Britney's cousin), was reported missing on Friday before we found her on Sunday," said Sheriff Edwards.

And that timeline could be the key. The sheriff warns the community to pay attention to loved ones.

"Please don't wait 24 hours if your loved one is overdue. Please call your local law enforcement agent so we can get the process started and track those ladies down. Track those men down if so be it. And let's find them quickly so that we don't have another case," said the Sheriff.

The sheriff also asks that you be aware of your surroundings and be suspicious.

"If someone comes up next to you, and you get that queezy feeling, note it and call police," said Sheriff Edwards.

It's good advice to "be on your toes." Because, the person responsible can hide in plain sight.

"This person or persons is pumping gas at our gas stations or our truck stops; eating in our Burger Kings and Sonics. And they go to Walmart. They are in our community" said the Sheriff.

And, while there are seven bodies, the Sheriff is still not using the term serial killer.

"Serial killing is not a crime. Murder is. That's what's used in court. One was too many, seven is too many. I'm going to continue working these cases individually and collectively. We're going to continue working so that if there are links, we put that puzzle together.

The sheriff says the only things linking the victims is that they are women, their bodies were dumped and all had traces of cocaine. He says there is no evidence linking the women connecting them to a specific suspect.