7Teen Report: Dangerous Teen Drivers

7Teen Reporter: Karley Picou in association with Academy TV

In just this past month, about a dozen area teens or young adults have been killed or injured in traffic accidents. Theresa Green lost her 18-year-old son Paul in a car crash in 1989. Today almost 20 years later she still feels the pain.

Green says, "if someone would have told me my child would be dead today... He lost control of the car. The weather was bad."

More U.S. teens die from car crashes than anything else, including alcohol and drugs. Two thirds of teens who die in car wrecks are not buckled up. State Trooper Stephen LaFargue says something simple, your seatbelt, can really save your life."

LaFargue says, "last year alone we had six teenagers get killed under 21. Four of those not wearing their safety belts. This year we've had four crashes. Three were not wearing their safety belts. If they were wearing their saftey belts, we think they'd be alive today."

16-year-old Kallie Jones says, "you see them looking down at all times. You're supposed to keep your eyes on the road basically."

16-year-old Eric Braxton says, "kids love to text, you know. You take your eyes off the road. You don't really see what's going on."

Even during this interview, Karley Picou saw teens in the background playing around while driving.

An average of 14 teens die every day in car crashes. Most of them were killed because of speeding and stupid errors.  

Green says, "I think the teenagers should be more alert."

Drive safely and don't be a statistic.

The TV production class at LCB Academy Produced a video to promote safe teen driving as part of a contest.

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Keep the Drive teen statistics.