Get moving for a healthier life

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - As America's workforce becomes more sedentary, our waistlines and health pay for it!  In this Healthcast, we show you an easy way to get moving and get healthy.

Jennifer Soileau and Pam Brown spend most of their work days sitting behind a computer.  Jennifer is a patient accounts biller at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital and Pam is a patient account representative. While their paths cross for work each day...they take the same path when they have their tennis shoes on.

"We're allowed two breaks in the day, and the first break we usually take around 9:30," says Pam, "and it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk and then in the afternoon about 3:00 we go do a second round."  With one common goal, "I don't want to grow out of my pants," says Jennifer, and a common pace, "We have a fast pace," says Pam, "we have people that move out of the way," Jennifer and Pam get moving!  It's all part of the Start! Walking Movement for a healthy lifestyle.

Regional Heart Center Director, Dr. Michael Turner says a half hour of walking each day can make a big difference in a person's health.  "Many studies have shown that for people who are physically active, at least moderately so, have much less illness are hospitalized less and live longer than people who are sedentary," says Dr. Turner.

Both women are working mothers who say balancing exercise, work and family is a lot easier when your workplace allows you the time and space to take a healthy break.  "When you get home," says Jennifer, "you have homework, supper, all these things and you don't really have time to say, 'okay, let me go walk. Kids, you just sit here...I'm going to go walk,' so it helps with that."

And if your office doesn't have the space for walking indoors, there's a great tool on where you can create personal walking paths, keep track of your dietary intake and monitor your progress at no cost.

Making exercise a part of your day is one of the 7 Healthy Habits as part of the Women's Health Network at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital.  If you are a woman looking to improve your total health and get support from some new gal pals, click here to join the network.

If your company wants to find out more about implementing the Start! Walking Program, call Louise McDaniel at 491-7555.