Surveillance shows last moments before Jennings teen's disappearance

By Lee Peck - bio | email

It's around 5:30 Sunday November 2nd, about half an hour before the Jennings Family Dollar store closes. 17 year old Brittney Gary is making a last minute purchase of pre-paid minutes for her cell phone, moments later she walks out the door. It's the last time anyone has seen her.

"We have talked to other stores in the are to see if their video shows anything. I think one store had some video difficulties and the other stores didn't show anything," said Jennings Police Chief Johnny Lassiter.

Chief Lassiter says by all accounts Brittney was alone and walking the five or so blocks to her home. Her family has handed out more than a thousand fliers and we've shown you her picture. And despite several reported sightings, Lassiter says they've yet to locate Brittney.

"One of the detectives got a phone call about her possibly being in the Lafayette area and he did go to the Lafayette area Saturday to attempt to follow up on that, and that led to nothing," said Lassiter.

Weekend searches off East Racca and Lacour Roads also turned up nothing. Volunteers focused their searches there because it's the same place five of the six unsolved murdered women have been dumped in Jennings since 2005. Family members believe Brittney's disappearance could be connected because she was the cousin to one of the victims and friend to several others. Meanwhile, investigators say while there's no indication of foul play, they're not ruling it out. They say one thing however is key -- Brittney is not answering her cell phone.

"It is odd that she isn't checking her phone or taking calls," said Lassiter.

Lassiter says investigators have subpoenaed Brittney's cell phone records, which will help trace her last known moves.

"As soon as we do get the records we want to review the phone calls and see which ones were made about the time of her disappearance and start tracking down the numbers as well as seeing if we can't get locations on where those phone calls were made at," said Lassiter.

Authorities have also entered Brittney's name and description into the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) database. They hope if she turns up somewhere else it will alert authorities that she is missing.

Brittney is described as approximately 5 feet tall, 130 pounds with brown hair. She was last seen wearing a white tank top and khaki or olive colored pants rolled up like capri pants. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Jennings Police Department at 821-5511.