Jennings mother fears worst in daughter's disappearance

It's going on four days since anyone has seen or heard from 17-year-old Brittney Gary. She was last seen walking the five or so blocks home from the Jennings Family Dollar Store Sunday evening after purchasing minutes for her cell phone.

"We have video surveillance from the Family Dollar Store with her making a purchase at about 5:30 in the evening. She was alone," said Jennings Police Detective Joshua Crochet.

At this point police don't suspect foul play, but Brittney's mother feels differently.

"She would have called or she would answer her phone at least," said Teresa Gary.

With no trace of Brittney and the possibility of a serial killer in the Jennings area, Teresa fears for her daughter's safety.

"Well as everyone knows there's been six murders here in Jennings already and nothing has been solved. They haven't found anything, they don't know anything still about the other six and I don't want my daughter to be #7," said Teresa.

According to her mother, not only was Brittney friends with several of the victims, she was related to victim number three. "Her cousin, Kristen Gary, was killed," said Teresa.

As she nervously waits for her daughter's call, Teresa makes a tearful plea for help. "I've tried to stay positive and keep the faith, but sometimes we just get weakened because we don't know what to think. And when the police department can't find her and they can't give you any information -- what's left? You can only look to the community to help you. So I'm asking anyone out there if you have seen Brittney ... Please I'm begging you, please call me," said Teresa.

Brittney Gary is described as approximately five feet tall, 130 pounds with brown hair. She was last seen wearing a white tank top with khaki or olive colored pants rolled up like capri pants. Anyone with information concerning her whereabouts is asked to call the Jennings Police Department at 821-5511.