7Teen Report: Decision 2008

Holly Carter (ACADEMY TV)

Are young voters going to be a political powerhouse this Presidential election?

The political activist group "Rock the Vote" says 18 to 24 year olds have been turning out in record numbers in every primary and caucus this year.

Many teenagers in our area realize they can have an impact on the Presidential election and they are picking sides.

You'll find some teens who aren't even old enough to vote are now active in presidential politics.

Teens know they're not too young to get involved in the presidential election.

At the Barack Obama headquarters in lake Charles, it's 16-year-old Davante Lewis' job to get teens involved in the campaign.

Lewis is the coordinator of Louisiana High School Students for Barack Obama.

Lewis says, "I've been working since last August on the campaign trail. We went to Iowa and helped with the Iowa Caucuses. We were in Texas for the Texas Primary and Caucuses. We phone banked in Massachusetts. We've had national high school walks."

On the flip side of the campaign, 17-year-old Lakyn Best is an officer of the Sam Houston High School Republican Club.

Best says, "It's good for teens to be informed about the election, and this is a good group to get together and learn more, campaign and help our future leaders."

Best is one of nearly 50 students campaigning for McCain and local republican candidates.

Club officer Austin O'Quinn is now old enough to vote.

He knows how vital the election is.

O'Quinn says, "It's the leader of the country and it's important to my future and the future of everyone in the country."

17-year-old Catherine Post says even though some teens may not be old enough to vote, they can still do their part.

Post says, "This election is going to have a huge influence on their lives and so even though they may not be old enough to vote, they can still make a difference by getting the word out, making sure people are registered, giving people rides to the polls."

Politically active teens are also on the phone, painting signs, making buttons and riding in parades.

Louisiana has about half a million young voters who are 18 to 24 years old, about one third are under 20.