October 29, 2008 - Kossa Dancers

For over 39 years, the Kossa dancers have not only entertained, but educated children and adults alike with Native American dance. That's why they were recently invited to the TreX games in Korea.

Eric Hartman/Kossa Dancers: "The Kossa Dancers and another dance troop from Texas were asked by the International Olympic Committee to perform as the representative of North America in folk dance. That would be our native American style of dancing."

One hundred nations took part in the games. It was a chance of a lifetime to teach others Native American culture.

Frank Duhon/Kossa Dancers: "Korea was a blast. All the people over there were real nice. The food was pretty good. I would go back. It's a lifetime experience."

Kossa members not only learned the dance rhythms, but discipline as well.

Coire Thornton/Kossa Dancers: "it teaches us leadership abilities, like how to prepare for a job interview, what you have to do to prepare for a chief's job. It shows us how to manage ourselves and others. It also shows us how to handle real-life situations."

For representing our nation in such a positive way, we're making the Kossa Dancers this week's KPLC Billy Navarre Hometown Patriots.