Zap Away Skin Flaws with DOT Therapy

By Britney Glaser - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - How would you like to zap away your skin problems?  From discolorations to acne scars and wrinkles, a new laser is changing the texture and appearance of aging skin. In this Healthcast, we show you how it works.

When Leeanne Hartman developed acne in her adult years, it left her searching for a product that could restore her complexion and confidence.  "If someone doesn't feel good about their skin - their canvass - then they don't feel confident," says Hartman, "I've tried everything out there that there is to try from what dermatologists recommended to infomercials."

The first sign of major improvement for Hartman came from this latest version of the CO2 laser that delivers the beam in little micro-dots.  Aesthetic Center Medical Director, Dr. Mark Crawford says, "With the old CO2 laser, we used to laser the whole block of skin and you would regrow new skin. The DOT (Dermal Optical Thermolysis) Therapy and the specific treatment that it delivers, it does it in little checkered patterns and you're able to heal side by side instead of waiting for everything to heal straight up."

Hartman saw such great results with her first treatment that she came back one month later for round two.  "The fact that my pores seemed much smaller and my skin seemed tighter and firmer was a definite plus," says Hartman.

DOT Therapy allows for more precision with each person's treatment.  Dr. Crawford says, "Somebody who has acne scarring, we can adjust the laser for that. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, we can adjust the laser for that, if you have very thick, hypertrophic skin or a lot of sun damage, we can adjust it for that."

The whole process takes a little over an hour - from skin prep and numbing to laser resurfacing and conditioning. While the cost of laser resurfacing carries a higher price tag than dermatologist-prescribed skin treatments, Hartman says getting her skin in top condition will save her money in the long run.  "I've been able to tell a difference just in one treatment and so if I can get the same amount of improvement with one or two treatments," says Hartman, "then I think the cost of skin care will definitely go down if you can get your skin in better condition."

Downtime after treatment is about three to four days with redness and peeling of the skin and optimal results are seen after a few weeks.

*If you're interested in fighting the signs of aging with DOT Therapy, call the Aesthetic Center at 478-3810.