Assistance at Church of the King

By Tiffany Blackmon - bio | email

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) -

At the church of the king off oak park boulevard, volunteers have been working long and hard to get food to those individuals that have been affected by hurricane ike.

Todd Schumacher, a pastor at church of the king, told me where the majority of people arriving to receive food were coming from.

"Fifty percent of the people we served came from cameron parish, the others are people from calcasieu parish who don't have power, and can't cook hot meals."

Schumacher said the people behind this operation to help those in need, are volunteers.

" Many of them are members of our church. we also have members from other churches throughout the state. healing place church, bethany world prayer center and actually a lot of members locally that are helping out."

Brad Buplechain said he came from baton rouge just to be here.

"We just knew that there would be a need. obviously our community just went through this, we wanted to help this local church respond to their community."

The response of volunteers at the church of the king was more than enough, in fact the crowds showed up earlier than expected, but the staff was on hand to rapidly distribute the food.

Schumacher said, "In about an hour, we gave out two thousand meals, and we had to turn people away."

Many people continued to show up, hoping to receive a meal made with love by members of several churches, and even though the parking lot may be empty, it will not remain that way for long. Volunteers are hard at work to prepare more meals at church of the king.

Tiffany Blackmon kplc seven news.