Taking Over the World... Series That is

By Amanda Ward - bio | email


It's no surprise the South Lake Charles Little Leaguers are playing the games of their lives.

Trey Quinn's no hitter Sunday night, brought the Lake Charles boys to 2-0, and brought 6th grade English teacher Penni Bourgeois to her feet.

"I was jumping around my living room screaming and high-fiving people for this," Bourgeois said.

Faculty and staff at S.J. Weslh Middle School are watching ESPN now more than ever as they watch their students make Louisiana history.

"I think they're doing better than any other team in our state history," said S.J.W. Head Coach Brad Durio.

Durio says, while the boys are missing school and football practice, (many of the boys are all-around athletes) he wants to see them go all the way.

"They're doing a job at representing our area, our city, our school, and we're very proud of them. Hopefully, they can be there 'til the very end. I'm looking forward to how far they can actually go," he said.

6th grade Math teacher Nicole Carum says these boys take home winning scores on their tests as well as on the diamond.

"They work really hard together. They're just good kids. They have great attitudes, and they're just hard workers," said Carum.

And although the state has new rules for truancy, the boys will be sure to make up their work after they take over the World... Series that is.