Double Trouble on the Diamond

By Amanda Ward - bio | email

The excitement is spreading throughout louisiana as the Lake Charles boys continue to win in the Little League World Series.

From Lake Charles to Mississippi people are tuning in to ESPN with special interest, and in Evangeline Parish the boys made the front page of the Basile Weekly.

It's not the first time the Jordan brothers took the spotlight in Basile.

At first the town was simply excited to have a set of twins.

Beau and Bryce Jordan live in Lake Charles but their mom was born and raised in Basile.

The boys grew up reading the Basile Daily and also seeing their name in the headlines.

"We're a very small town and we believe that even people who leave Basile are still a part of the community." said Darrel LeJeune, editor of the local newspaper.

LeJeune says not just their boys, but the entire team has become the talk of the town. "That's all everybody's talking about, everywhere you go, everybody's asking about the team from Lake Charles. "

And proud grandma Pansy Hebert says these twins bring "double trouble" to opponents of south Lake Charles Little League, but they also bring much more to the field of life.

"Beau and Bryce are very kind-hearted, they have a little special needs brother and they include him in everything." said Hebert.

Hebert says the entire team has welcomed Brock as their number one supporter leading up the world series.

And everyone in the town of Basile is excited to watch these boys play. They says it's not only for the twins but the entire team.