Entertainment to Celebrate the Lighter Side of Over 50

Entertainment 1st Floor Coliseum Area

9-9:30 Jazzercise
   Step lively and move your body to the beat. Movement and flexibility will keep your mind, and body young.

9:30-9:45 Happy Harmonizers
   Ladies singing and having a good 'ole time.

9:45-10:45 Diamond Dancers & Dee's Dancer
   Diamond Dancers: Are Southwest Louisiana's Senior Games gold medal winners.
   Dee's Dancers: Learn a fun way to move with tribal dance.

11:45-Noon Bill Hudson Impersonations
   Listen to famous impersonation favorites like Jimmy Stewart, Jack Nicholson, Gary Cooper and more.

12-12:15 Bayouland ballroom dancing Rody Broussard & Roxanne Germany
   Watch as Rody and Roxanne's bodies tell a story through beauty, grace and ballroom dancing.

12:15-1:15 Fashion Show Emceed by Senator Willie Mount
   Fashions provided by Sophia's, Stacy's Armoire, TeCi's, Men's Wearhouse and S&K Menswear

1:30-2:30 Country Sunshine
   Enjoy a bunch of old folks making a variety of music and having fun.