August CPSB Meeting

Reported by Amanda Ward

"We can't leave any gaps." That's the message District Attorney John DeRosier is trying to get out as he shares the past year's progress of an early intervention program in Calcasieu Parish.

"If we can keep these young folks out of the juvenile justice programs, than we can keep them out of the adult justice program," DeRosier said.

The school system is working with the prosecutor to identify at risk youth with educational and behavioral problems and getting parents involved in the intervention.

The program focuses on pre-K through 5th graders and involves Licensed Mental Health Counselors working with anger management, parenting classes, substance absuse couseling, behavioral assessments, family and individual counseling and on-site presence in the school. All of which is available at no cost to the student or the school thanks to a grant awarded to the district attorney's office.

The school board also wants to involve the community in their pursuit for district accreditation. It's a process that involves all of the parish schools in sharing one vision for learning.

"It promotes excellence in our schools, it suggests that we are meeting standards that define a school system as a quality school system," said District Accreditation Facilitator Mary Beth Huber.

In October, a quality and assurance team of academic professionals from all over the country will come to Calcasieu Parish and evaluate our system as we seek nationally recognized accreditation for the entire school system as a whole.

The following personnel changes were accepted:

Ralph Wilson Elementary/Principal: Wynetta Practor

Henry Heights Elementary/Principal: Michael Juneau

Pearl Watson Elementary/Acting Assistant Principal: Nancy Robinson

Curriculum & Instruction/ Acting Elementary Consultant: Debora Garrick

Fairview Elementary/ Administrative Intern: Kirk Meche

Washington-Marion High/ Acting Principal: Dinah Robinson

F.K. White/ Teacher/Coach: LaKeem Holmes

Vinton Elementary/ Principal: Angie Settoon

S.J. Welsh/ Acting Principal: Sandra DeWitt