7Teen Report: Governor's Program For Gifted Children

Reported By:  Dietrich Jessen, 7Teen Reporter

Sierra Runnels is a freshman in the Governor's Program for Gifted Children. It's a 7-week residential program held at McSeese State Univeristy for students ages 12 - 17.  Runnels says her sister is the reason she decided to join the program.

Sierra continues, "For the past two years, my older sister has come and she's had the best time here and so far I'm really enjoying the program, mostly because of the people here."

Many students in the Governor's Program say it's a pleasureable experience.

Luke Theriot, 5th year graduate with the GPGC, says, "You really make life long friends and you always want to come back for them and it is an enriching learning experience."

Sophomore Claire Duncan says, "It has taught me so much and the knowledge that it's given me, I can't find anywhere else."

Joshua Brown, the assistant director of the Governor's Program for Gifted Children, says the program is special because it gives students a place to grow.

He says, "It gives very bright children a place to belong, a place they feel comfortable growing and developing into the young people and the adults that they can possibly be with the potentials that they've been given."

Participants in the Govenor's Program for Gifted Children are identified by blue t-shirts they wear.  On the back is the latin phrase, "Ab ilo cui multum datur multum requitur", which translates to "From he to whom much is given, much is required".  Dr. George Middleton, who recently passed away in April of last year, firmly emphasized this philosophy.

Brown says, "Dr. Middleton meant just about everything to me.  He was my mentor and teacher and he taught me just about everything I know about running the program, but also about being a good human being."

Luke Theriot says, "I can't believe Dr. Middleton was able to keep it up for 50 years.  It's amazing that he could keep that up.  It's such a great program and me to be here attending the 50th means a lot and I hope we get another 50."