About M.B. Rich Jewelry

For over 20 years we have created jewelry with the customer in mind, offering unique and fashionable jewelry at an affordable price.

You are our main concern when you walk into our shop and we are as serious about  you as you are about your purchase.  When you visit M.B. Rich Jewelry you will be greeted by cordial and knowledgeable professionals, ready to assist you in your jewelry shopping experience.

The detail of our fabrications can be easily seen.  Creations of this kind are not only unique, they are mysterious, in the flow of the ring to the quality of the piece...

We do not try to replicate, we are professionals.  The design of our jewelry stands alone and outside the grasp of the norm.

The Romance is in the design....

Our professional staff is here to serve you.  Please come to see our gallery of jewelry that you will feel good about, and is priced within your means.