Acupuncture Testimonials

Vickie Singletary, said acupuncture cured her bursitis, a painful inflammation in her hip that she'd had for about eight years.  As an artist, Singletary, stands up to paint canvases for up to 10 hours at a time which, she said, can be difficult in her condition. She'd been to several doctors who gave her cortisone injections that would relieve her pain only temporarily for a couple of months.  A friend suggested Dr. Donald Snow. After only 8 weekly treatments, her bursitis was gone.

Albert Citizen had a heel spur that was beginning to tear his tendons.  Pain killers would not help and antibiotics upset his stomach. Citizen heard Dr. Snow give a seminar and decided to give acupuncture a try.   After 7 treatments, Citizen began to feel the benefits and is now on his tenth treatment.  He suggest to stick to the treatments and not to miss any appointments.

Shirley Savoie had been living with rheumatory arthritis for almost 6 years.  Traditional medicine was not helping her problem and she did not want to be medicated.  Savoie has had 12 treatments.  She prefers acupuncture to pain killers and can go without over the counter pain relievers.  She says her pain is much less as a result of seeing Dr Snow.

Glenn Bordelon was diagnosed with acute peripheral neuropathy, a disease affecting the nerves and blood vessels.  As far as the doctors he saw were concerned, it was a life sentence of pain.  They offered pain killers and pain blockers as a solution, but not a cure.  Today, thanks to Dr. Snow, he is pain free and a mall walker.  Bordelon feels better than he has in years.