Alternative Treatment

Donald J. Snow, DAOM, MPH, Lac
Donald J. Snow, DAOM, MPH, Lac
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at Advanced Medical and Diagnostic Center
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at Advanced Medical and Diagnostic Center

When Western medicine falls short, some residents are trying to relieve their pain.

Though acupuncture is often considered a last resort, patients say it was more effective than prescription medication.

Dr. Donald Snow says that, "Acupuncture has a 90% success rate.  In most cases, headaches are releaved immediately and other ailments may take 9 -15 acupuncture treatments."

Sessions at the AMD Center cost between $75 and $150 for 1 to 3 hours if patients are uninsured.

While a patient feels 100% relieved from their pain after the first session, it usually takes several treatments before full recovery.  Acupuncture can treat diseases and functional problems, but not structural problems.

Before treating a problem, Dr. Snow does a consultation in which he gives a treatment.  If it reduces pain by at least 40% then the patient pays for the session and continues treatment.  If it does not work, the patient is not charged.

Dr. Snow says, "It is a process because you are trying to change the body to where it can heal itself.  When a person is sick or has pain, it is often due to irregularities in the chi.  While chi is a Chinese medicine concept, it has a corresponding concept in Western medicine."

Chi is energy that individual cells naturally produce within the cell membrane, or simply, bioelectricity.

He describes some of the acupuncture points as "switching stations." Placing needles at one station redirects energy where it is needed.  For instance, placing a needle between the third and fourth toes will instantly relieve a headache because that is where the switching station is for headaches.

The skill of the acupuncturist depends on their skill of knowing where those switching stations are.

DR. Snow is the only acupuncturist in the Lake Area and one of six in Louisiana.  There are about 40 doctors of Asian medicine in the US.  A medical doctor for 22 years, Donald Snow switched to Asian medicine after acupuncture treatments remedied his ailment.