Statistics from the LA Dept. of the Treasury

From the Louisiana Department of the Treasury Unclaimed Property Division:

Louisiana's Unclaimed Property Program was created in 1972 and placed under the Department of Revenue.

During the 1 st Special Session in 2000, the program was transferred to State Treasurer John Kennedy, effective July 1, 2000.

Unclaimed Property may include payroll checks, checking and savings accounts, royalties, utility deposits, interest, dividends, stock certificates and life insurance proceeds.

Over the program's history, the state has collected over $534 million in unclaimed property, and more than $169.7 million has been refunded.

Over 80% of total refunds ever have occurred since Treasurer Kennedy took over the Unclaimed Property Program.

For FY 2007 , the Treasury once again set an all-time single-year collection record of $48.4 million in unclaimed property!

Government requires us to pay our taxes promptly and in the correct amount. Shouldn't government be held to the same standard when it has your money?

The Louisiana Department of the Treasury still has more than $364 million that needs to be claimed.

An individual has much better odds finding unclaimed money listed with the state than he or she would of winning money playing the lottery.

One in six individuals has unclaimed property, and the average refund is $200 to $300 , and we get new money in every day.

The largest amount of unclaimed property returned to a Louisiana citizen was $1 million returned to a woman in New Orleans.