Human Remains found at Mesika Search Site, Positive ID yet to be made

Reported by: Amanda Ward

The U.S. Attorney's Office called a press conference at the site of where dozens of people have been searching for remains of an Israeli man murdered in Lake Charles.

"What I'm here today to do is confirm that we have found human remains, but they've not yet been identified as Ran Mesika," U.S. Attorney Don Washington said.

Washington offered background information surrounding Ran Mesika's disappearance and murder, then answered questions from the media.

Immediately following, he welcomed the media onto the search site, where we saw members of the Calcasieu Parish Dive Team in the muddy Bayou Chenne sifting through dirty water for any more pieces.

More than twenty neon yellow markers scattered across the site represent exact locations of where human remains were found. Nearly 2/3 a human skeleton was taken to LSU to be tested for DNA that could possibly be a match to Ran Mesika. While investigators say an definite identification could take one maybe two weeks, Shimon Miseka is confident this is his son's body.

"I know, I know 100% I know that this is my son," Mesika said.

This discovery is bittersweet for the family of Ran Mesika.

"I'm happy and I'm unhappy. But, At least I have my son," he said.

One thing Mesika and the federal government couldn't stress enough was their gratitude to the local law enforcement and volunteers who helped in the search.