Diesel at Area Truck Stops Expected to Hit $4 a Gallon

Diesel prices are not only hurting drivers, the high costs are putting pressure on area truck stops.

In Iowa, Kings Travel Plaza and Love's are both inching toward the $4.00 mark.

Gabby at Kings Travel Plaza says the truck stops don't want to make things even harder for drivers, but the truck stops can hardly afford the diesel themselves.

She says in order to get the fuel, they're going to have to start charging more.

Both truckstops right off the Iowa exit on Interstate 10 are hanging on to every penny trying to avoid kicking the truckers while they're down.

Gabby says, "What most people don't know is, the truck stops aren't making near what they should be making either. We try to help the drivers, but it's hard for us to make any profit, too."

Truckers like Don Crouche from Virginia don't even fill up their tanks. They're just "getting a enough fuel to get from point A to point B," he says.

Filling up Crouche's 250 gallon tank can cost more than $900.