GatorKids Triathlon Running For A Healthy Life

Reported by: Charlie Bartlett

These young athletes will be less prone to heart disease, low self-esteem, depression, and even rejection by their peers just by participating.

"Go GatorKids Triathlon!"

St. Theresa's Senior Youth Group and the Lake Charles Tri-Athletes teamed up to host the second annual GatorKids Triathlon providing a chance for kids and their families to exercise, train, and develop behaviors to support a healthy life-style.

"I think the importance is if you start young and you start exercising now then you are going to be committed and it's going to be something that you create a routine in your life," said Dawn Lebata.

"It will help your respiratory system, digestive system, everything; you will see the benefits everyday you play," saud AunJelle LaFleur.

"Obesity is a bad problem and this is one way to knock that down, they are having fun doing it, they are getting in shape," said Rusty Cart.

For these tri-athletes to stay healthy and have fun while they compete, they feel it's necessary to have a winning attitude.

"You have to know you can do it, if you don't think you can do it, you have to believe," said Briley Rome.

Committed to live a healthy life, everyone believes their pursuing steps are on the right track.

"We can have a better life in the future and we can do more activities," said Rome.

"Were hoping that more kids will play everyday and become more fit," said LaFleur.

After a successful day, each GatorKid athlete received a goody bag, a t-shirt, a medal and a fast start to a healthy life.