Accelerating Work-Zone Awareness

Reported by: Charlie Bartlett

Since 1992, 166 people have died from motor-vehicle crashes in Louisiana work zones and in order to reduce these deaths, awareness is the key to promote safer driving.

"We're trying to work on those statistics and bring them down because we don't want to be known as the state as having bad highways and being unsafe," said Karla Sibille.

In observance of interstate safety, representatives from the DOTD and Louisiana State Police came out today to promote work zone safety day.

"What we want to do is emphasize that we do have issues with traffic crashes in work zones and we would like people to be safe," said Bobby Hennigan.

"Help us out, help the construction workers out and pay attention. Don't follow to close, reduce your speed in these areas because their is going to be lane closures and traffic is going to back up," said Senior Trooper Stephen LaFargue.

The DOTD is spending nearly 1.9 billion dollars on construction projects this year and next year. Although, the construction will impact your travel, it is still necessary to know the driving safety tips.

First, minimize distractions, follow speed limit, keep up with traffic flow, minimize lane changes, and finally be patient.

National work zone awareness week's number one goal is to remind drivers the importance of driving safety and for safety to be possible, it's everyone's responsibility

"Understand when you are coming into these areas, you are going to be delayed. Don't tailgate, understand that. You are going to get through it, it's all part of the progress; so just relax and have a safe trip," said LaFargue.

The construction will impact your travel but for your's and other's safety, drive carefully and know your responsibility as a driver.