Vernier convicted but Mesika case isn't over

Jonathan Vernier is convicted of carjacking resulting in death, but the case isn't closed for the family, the suspect or the government.

Vernier can still appeal the conviction. Sentencing is August 8, 2008.

The family still wants to find the body of Ran Mesika.

U.S. Attorney Don Washington personally asks all residents to search their land for anything that could be human remains or clothing.

The FBI says if you find anything out of the ordinary call the bureau.

Shamone Mesika, Ran's father, says the Lake Charles community has been very supportive and is thankful for all the people who have helped in the search over the past five years.

He's also pleased with the  prosecution and FBI's performances. He just hopes to find his son's body and take it home to give him a proper burial.

Mesika says he will return for sentencing, but hopes he can close this book before August.

He's trying to arrange a meeting with Jonathan Vernier to find out where the body is firsthand from his son's convicted killer.