Juror's Speak About Vernier Verdict

Reported by Amanda Ward

The jury reached a unanimous guilty verdict, charging Jonathan Vernier with carjacking Ran Mesika and killing him.

It was a week full of disturbing evidence and heart-wrenching testimony. It only took an hour for the jury to reach an unanimous decision.

Foreperson Marion Brodie said the evidence was overwhelming.

Brodie: "we though why are we having a trial, actually some of us though in deliberation."

That's after Jonathan Vernier himself took the stand on Wednesday admitting to hitting Ran Mesika with a tire tool and killing him at Wal-mart on Highway 171 in Lake Charles.

Brodie: "He spelled everything out for us."

Reaching a decision was easy but hearing the testimony was not.

Jurors say this has been a memorable experience but as mothers, they can't imagine the pain it brings to the parents.

Juror Rita Bilbo: "it still hurts, because I know until they find that child's body... there's no closure.  I know I couldn't rest one day knowing that my child.... (chokes up)"

And Shamone Mesika will not rest. The search for his son Ran is not over.

Sentencing is set for August 8th and Vernier can still appeal the guilty charge.

Meanwhile, the search for Ran Mesika's body continues.