Tracking Your Vehicle

Reported By: Evan Johnson

Today's technology has made it possible to know exactly where your vehicle has been.  Byron hixon, owner of Hixon's Pest Control and Lawn Maintenance, purchased this tracking device to keep up with his work trucks while they're on the road.

He says, "It helps with accountability with work truck trucks out on the road.  You can pull up the data from where they've been, how fast they're driving, and if they're breaking too hard."

Hixon also says the device isn't difficult to use either.

"You just put batteries in it and it's magnetic so you can put it anywhere on the vehicle."

To make sure this device was accurate City Marshall Joey Alcede says he and his chief deputy performed their own test on the tracking device.

Marshal Alcede says, "We went on the interstate and we knew the route we took and we tested it at different mileage increments to see if the accuracy change from point to point and we found it to be accurate within probably a tenth of a mile per hour."

Marshall also says parents can use this tracking device to keep up with their underage child.

Salesman Mike Reid says the number one killer of teens these days is car accidents.

According to Reid, "Statistics show that car accidents cause more teen deaths than anything else. If we can control our teen's driving habits, well then we can save lives and make those numbers go down."

Since purchasing the tracking device Byron Hixon says the device has really help his business...especially with the high cost of gas.

Hixon continues to say, "It's been helpful seeing the reduction in fuel since we've gotten them and it's very easy to work with."

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