Frequently Asked Questions, from Parkway Mobile Homes

What kind of foundation do I need for my new manufactured house?

Foundations vary depending on the size of your house.  Your dealer or the planning office for your city or parish can give you the local requirements.

How do I know where to run my utility connections?

Your dealer will have the utility drop specifications that they can give you for your specific house.

Do I need any permits to set up my house?

Your dealer's mover will obtain all moving permits.  You will need to check with your city or parish permit office to get your required permit.

Why is it that my manufactured house can be constructed in less time than a site built house?

Manufactured houses are built on an assembly line like cars.  Each station has its respective part in the assembly and the house is being worked on at all times until the final stage is completed.  Each person working at each station is trained to do their job according to the specifications drawn up for each floor plan.

How do I know my house meets the construction requirements set forth by the local agencies?

The manufactured housing industry is regulated and monitored by the HUD organization.  A label is affixed to each house after it has been inspected and passed before it can leave the manufacturer to your dealer.

Is financing available for manufactured houses?

Most dealers have financing available at their office.  You might check with your bank or credit union.  They usually have financing available also.

Is insurance available for my manufactured house?

Yes, your local insurance agent or your dealer can help you locate insurance providers.

Do I have any choice in the décor of my new house?

Most dealers have houses on their lot that are available.  Most of your dealers also offer special order houses with your choice in colors and options.

How do I know that my house has been properly set up on my property?

Your dealer should be able to give you the installation instructions as provided by the manufacturer.

Who so I contact if I have a problem during the set up process or the warranty period and can't get it resolved with my dealer?

Our industry in Louisiana is monitored and regulated by the state.  The office is the Louisiana Manufactured Housing Authority.