Kid Power

Kids ages 6 to 14 who are overweight or obese are invited to attend the Kid Power summertime program.

Parents will have to sign a consent form and chioldren must be screened for acceptance into the program.

Screenings will be conducted on four consecutive Mondays:

April 14

April 21

April 28

May 5

The screenings will be held from 4pm - 7pm at 550 East Sale Road in the Calcasieu Community Clinic office (MSU Juliet Hartner Hall on the corner of Common and Sale Streets)

There is a $10 cash fee for the first child and a $5 cash fee for each additional sibling accepted into the program.

This program focuses on healthy lifestyles for kids of all shapes and sizes and their families. Kid Power participants are encouraged with a variety of healthy nutrition and physical activities most days of the week for 8 weeks in the summer.

Our program will begin with a Kick-off on Saturday, June 7th and will end with a graduation party on Saturday, August 2, 2008.

Your child will be given a personalized calendar with healthy tips to be posted in your home. We will also give your child other aids to being healthier, some of which are handouts that we ask you to read. Your child can do some of these activities by  himself/herself, but they will need your help with others.

There will also be some scheduled events that require both you and your child to attend. We hope that you will make a commitment as a family to choose a healthier lifestyle this summer, and be willing to help your child and your family make healthier choices.

As part of the challenge, your child will be asked to sign a commitment form indicating their willingness to participate and to complete a quiz about his/her attitudes, beliefs and practices regarding nutrition and physical activity.

These quizzes will be given by trained staff at the beginning and end of the challenge. Your child's answers to these quizzes will be kept confidential. Our staff may eventually report on the success of the challenge using the results of the quizzes for the group as a whole. Your child will not be identified by name.

Children who successfully complete the summer challenge will receive multiple awards and prizes.

We believe the biggest reward though, will be you and your child's sense of accomplishment as you reflect on the ways you have become a healthier family this summer.