Governor Bobby Jindal Takes Ethics Victory Lap Into Lake Charles

Reported by: Charlie Bartlett

"We couldn't of done this without them. They worked long and hard to get these bills done. The skeptics of that they wouldn't get done, they got it done," said Governor Jindal.

And getting it done was the answer. Governor Bobby Jindal and the legislature has passed one of the most wide ranging set of ethics reform in the history of Louisiana. The ethics reform won't immediately change our state overnight but Jindal says he believes this reform sends a powerful message to all our citizens and the entire nation.

"The country is watching us. We want them to realize the new Louisiana, that's why we pushed such a aggressive agenda in this special session. We didn't just want to be in the middle of the pack, we wanted to be ahead of the country when it comes to stopping the conflict of interest," said Jindal.

Jindal noted without the help and hardwork of local chambers of commerce this wouldn't be possible.

"We campaigned on a really tough platform, a 31 point plan on ethics and a transition committee to put in a lot of additional suggestions . We had a lot of citizen suggestions like the chamber, blue print and others coming together and now is the time to get this done, most of all the people wanted change," said Jindal.

Governor Jindal made history this week as he passed his ethics reform bill at the special session but still, lobbyists and legislators are trying to find specific loopholes. Jindal is planning to overcome these challenges.

"Enforcement is so important, we've got the nations toughest ethics code and we got to enforce it. We got to show people we need it," said Jindal.