7Teen Report: ACT Tips

Reported By:  Karley Picou, 7Teen Reporter

Dr. Bobbie Yellott, a professor at Mcneese State University tells the high school students that take her ACT prep course to "breathe slowly, take a few deep breaths.   If you can't work the first one, find one you can work."

She also tells them to never leave an answer blank on the answer sheet.

Yellott says, "On the ACT you're not penalized for wrong answers, so if you see that you're running out of time I always say color in a pretty pattern.   Don't leave anything blank.   If you can, narrow it down to a couple of choices and make an educated guess.   That's definitely to your advantage."

Patricia Clarence, an English teacher at Washington-Marion High School, says students shoud look at the questions before reading the story to save time.

She says, "Read the question first to see what specifically they should be looking for in a passage so that they don't waste time reading everything word for word in the passage."

To increase your ACT scores, teachers also recommend taking the ACT practice test.

Dr. Yellott says, "Practice tests are so important.   A lot of times students are capable of doing the content, but they don't work well for time.   The practice test is setup just like a regular ACT...60 questions, 60 minutes."

There are also things you can do the day of the test to prepare.

Clarence says, "The night before the test, get plenty of rest, don't stay out late at night.   Get up in the morning and have a hearty breakfast, and get to the testing center al least 30 minutes before taking the test."

By following these tips, you'll definitely do your best on the test.