Lee Peck

If you would have asked Lee Peck where he would have been living back in January 2005, he would have never thought it would be back in Southwest Louisiana. "I grew up in Westlake watching Channel 7 and always knew I wanted to work in T.V. News. However, I never dreamed I would stay in Louisiana," said Lee. "I now know moving back home was one of the best decisions I ever made and take pride in reporting on the issues from where I grew up."

Before returning to Lake Charles, Lee received his degree in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University. While in school he interned at our sister station WAFB Channel 9, where he was hired on as a desk assistant. Upon graduation, Lee had his first real job in T.V. News as WAFB's Internet producer. Not long after he was promoted to fill-in producer and even did some fill-in reporting on weekends.

In May of 2005, Lee got the opportunity to return home as our 6 and 10 o'clock producer. His new role at Channel 7 would be put to the test five months later, when Hurricane Rita hit the Gulf Coast. It was during that time the news team worked 24 hours a day living at the station, then evacuating to the hospital all the while staying on air throughout the entire storm.   Lee says, "This was a time when getting the news to the viewers was crucial. It truly was life saving information we were delivering."

In the storm's aftermath, Lee jumped in front of the camera and began telling the stories of Rita's recovery. "There were so many stories to tell. Everyone had their own personal struggles and triumphs and I'm just glad I had the opportunity to share their stories," said Lee.

Two and a half years later, Lee is now our Nightside reporter and was recently promoted to weekend co-anchor on Saturday's 7 News at Six broadcast. Lee says every story is important, whether it's the lead or not. "The best advice I ever received was from my news director at Channel 9. She always tried to impress upon me to just tell a good story. Every time I write a story I always keep that in the back of my mind and try to find new ways to engage the viewer. To be honest I try to keep it fun," said Lee.

When not at work, you'll likely find Lee spending time with friends and family, which usually means spoiling his niece and nephew - MaKynzie and Kylen.

Lee's always looking for stories, so feel free to email him at lpeck@kplctv.com