Nearly 100 Lake Charles Natives Hit the Slopes for Mardi Gras

Reported by: Amanda Ward

While thousands of people line the streets of Southwest Louisiana for Mardi Gras, nearly 100 Lake Charles residents are hitting the slopes for the holiday.

Florence Fuselier is no stranger to Mardi Gras.

"My mother is born and raised in New Orleans, so for me, Mardi Gras has always meant Louisiana. New Orleans, Lafayette, Lake Charles," she said.

But now Fuselier says Mardi Gras means time spent with her family even if it's not in the south.

"Now, I have a 16 year old kid and his idea of Mardi Gras is skiing!" she said. "This time there is about 90 of us."

For nearly half a decade, the group's been growing. And, this krewe takes Mardi Gras on the slopes.

"We go over in themed t-shirts and everybody recognizes the group from Lake Charles," she said.

They wear the t-shirts and bring tons of beads.

"Very much like New Orleans, many husbands bring beads to the local taverns and consideration is given for the beads," she said.

"You get a lot of questions like where are you from because, you know, we look funny, we talk funny, we dress funny."

While many of us think of parades and dancing for Mardi Gras almost 100 Lake Charles natives are thinking "snow."

"It's an opportunity to talk about Lake Charles, LA," Fuselier said.