How to spend $1.1 billion state surplus?

Reported by Associated Press

Many legislators want to spend a 1.1 billion dollar state government surplus on building roads and reducing debt.

The surplus from the state spending year that ended June 30th, largely stems from the hurricane recovery.

Legislators are expected to report to the State Capitol in March for a special session to spend that surplus.

Governor Bobby Jindal is pushing to spend 50 million dollars of the surplus on infrastructure for a permanent cyberspace command center that state officials want the U.S. Air Force to build near Shreveport.

A decision is expected soon on the final location.

Another looming need, the governor said is the 1 billion dollars that President Bush wants the state to spend to improve the levee system.

He says the federal government is expected to commit 7 billion if the state agrees to put up 1 billion dollars.

Jindal says he anticipates spreading the 1 billion over three budget years to soften the financial blow to state government.

The governor said he still is developing his final recommendations for the surplus.