Officer On Leave Accuses Chief of Aggravated Assault

A Jennings police officer is accusing the chief of aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a gun at him.

Police Chief Johnny Lassiter denies any wrongdoing.

Sgt. Jessie Ewing was recently demoted from lieutenant.

The chief allegedly did it then, in December, but Ewing didn't file to complaint with the Jeff Davis Sheriff's Dept. until Tuesday of this week. The matter remains under investigation, which the sheriff says will be handled like any other investigation.

Sheriff Ricky Edwards said, "the complaint has been filed, and it will be up to the District Attorney whether charges will be filed.

Mayor Terry Duhon said, "I plan on fully cooperating with him (the D-A) and anyone in his office, anyone he deems necessary. l've spoken with the chief. The chief plans to do the same thing. However, I must say, based on what I've seen and I've read just far... I think this complaint has no merit to it at all."

Ewing was arrested in December on charges of malfeasance in office, malfeasance in office-prohibited sexual conduct, and obstruction of justice.

That's after a female inmate accused Ewing of engaging in sexual conduct with her.

In the state of Louisiana, even if it is consensual, it is unlawful for a police officer to engage in sexual conduct of any kind with an inmate.

Ewing's also accused of leaking privileged information to a private investigator concerning an investigation by another agency.

Also, in a separate incident, Ewing's accused of verbal abuse to his ex-wife and her friends, in which he was demoted. He appealed and lost.