School Board Connects with Parents

Reported By: Amanda Ward

Laverne Celestine is just one of many concerned parents who rushed to Washington Marion and just waited and waited for news.

"They should have called the parents way before time," Celestine said.

But Charlene Chiasson with Calcasieu Parish School Board says the information was sent out in a timely manner.

"There was a call that went out initially, 730 numbers were dialed but unfortunately 138 of those were bad numbers," Chiasson said.

The problem occurs when schools aren't getting the parents updated contact information.

So, If your child attends Calcasieu Parish Schools it's important to make sure the school system has your correct information.

"We're hoping that schools and the parents will work a little bit harder to get the good number, so that all parents can be notified," she said.

"Two calls were sent out Wednesday. The first was to let parents know that their child's school was on lockdown and a second message was sent informing parents that students were being released," Chiasson said.

The ConnectEd program is capable of calling about 1million people in an hour.

Each student and faculty member can register up to five numbers.

"As a parent of kids who used to be in school, i firmly believe that this is the best way of communicating," said Chiasson.