Another Jena Rally?

Reported by: Associated Press

The organizer of a small anti-Martin Luther King Junior rally in Jena is threatening to hold another rally in the central Louisiana town because authorities told two participants to leave their shotguns in a truck during the gathering.

Richard Barrett, a spokesman for the Mississippi-based white separatist Nationalist Movement, says he's filed suit in federal court to have the town and Mayor Murphy McMillin held in contempt of court.

Barrett alleges the town and the mayor violated an order by U.S. District Judge Dee Drell that they not interfere with the group at Monday's rally and march.

If the city does not apologize to his group for violating their Second Amendment rights, Barrett says he may organize another event and encourage those attending to bring firearms.

Jena's attorney, Walter Dorroh Junior, says he has not heard from Barrett, but he did not think the agreement that allowed the group to rally mentioned any right to carry weapons during the event.

Dorroh says he did not know exactly what happened Monday, but did not believe that asking someone to leave their shotguns in their vehicle violated their rights or the agreement. He says they will investigate to see if a violation occurred.

Barrett organized Monday's rally which drew about 50 supporters and 100 counter-demonstrators to Jena, where 20,000 civil rights demonstrators gathered last September in support of the black teenagers known as the "Jena Six."