New Owner of Abandoned Dog Attacked by Coyotes Hopes For Full Recovery

"It was obviously coyotes," Carley Fraker said. "We have a pack right across the street. We see 'em from time to time. Usually, they stay in the fields."

But this time, that wasn't the case.

Carley Fraker said the neighbor's dog barked all night.

Finally around 6:00 that morning, she went to investigate. And, that's when she found an abandoned yellow lab, viciously attacked.

"It was freezing that morning, and she was shaking, and she just looked at me with those eyes.. like help me, I'm hurting," Fraker said.

Fraker who already has a houseful didn't think twice about rescuing the injured dog welcoming it into her home.

"I was in tears, I went across the street, trying to find the owner, someone who could help me pay for this," she said.

A woman across the street donated $100. Carley Fraker matched that hundred and rushed the dog to the Emergency Animal Clinic.

The vet confirmed to Fraker that is was coyotes that attacked the dog.

She named the dog "Serendipity," Sera for short, because she thinks it's fate Sera came to the right place.

Fraker says she's hoping Sera's story will raise awareness.

"If you have pets, put them somewhere safe. Build a fence. If you're willing to take on the responsibility of having an animal, protect it," Fraker says with conviction.

Sera is now recovering with Carley's help, but, she needs more medical attention

"I change her bedding out twice a day, make sure everything's clean," Fraker adds, "She needs to go back, and get re-stitched, and she's in desperate need for a bath."

Carley's now working overtime to care for the animal.

"She definitely wants to live, she put up a fight."

You can learn more about Sera's recovery by emailing Carley Fraker.