Drug dealing arrests in DeQuincy

Anti drug teams, Calcasieu Sheriff's Deputies and DeQuincy Police have arrested four men in DeQuincy who they call major crack cocaine dealers there.  Plus, authorities say the illegal activity has been going on in a drug free school zone and in the presence of children.

In this quiet neighborhood in DeQuincy and just down the street from a school, authorities say there's illegal drug trafficking.  Arrests were made at a house on McNeese Street, the same street as the elementary school, and a few blocks away on Division Street. It's a concern to DeQuincy residents like Sheila Perry.  "I'm afraid, I'm alarmed about it just because of my grandchildren and I know other families. I think it's dangerous and a lot of other families who have children and grandchildren who are concerned."

After receiving complaints, anti drug teams,  deputies and police investigated and made cases against four men who they consider major crack cocaine dealers. The suspects were brought in after teams of officers stormed the houses in an early morning raid. Explains Chief Deputy Stitch Guillory, "Around 4 a.m. While everybody else was sleeping they were out planning this operation and carried this operation out and no one was injured and we arrested four major drug dealers, so that's a major accomplishment."

Besides being booked for distribution of crack cocaine two of the suspects, Allen Berzas and Emmanuel Bushnell also face charges for alleged illegal activity in a drug free school zone.

DeQuincy Police Chief Mike Suchanek says, "It's a bad location for a drug dealer to be living because you got 750 kids who pass by the house every day going to school. And all four suspects for illegal drug possession in the presence of people under the age of seventeen."

A two year and and eight year old with cerebral palsey live at the house on McNeese Street. Law enforcement say they hope the arrests send a clear message.  Says D.A. John DeRosier, "If you are a drug dealer in Calcasieu Parish you better find a day job because we're going to put you out of business and you're not going to like the methods we're going to use."

Suspects' bond ranges from $150,000 to $450,000. At last word all four suspects remained in the Calcasieu Parish Jail.